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Oaks are among the most widely recognized trees in the US because of their ornamental value and prized wood. The oak tree and shrub genus Quercus, which means oak tree in Latin, is in the Beech Family (Fagaceae); it has about 600 species distributed from Mexico, the US and Canada eastward around the world, always above the equator, to China, Japan and Korea. The center of diversity is in North America where some 200 species occur. Quercus spp. are distinguished by their acorn fruits and spirally arranged leaves, many with lobate edges. Oaks occur from the cool areas of the middle latitudes to tropical latitudes, often in higher elevations; they include evergreen and deciduous species. A number of deciduous oaks hold their dead leaves until spring. Over their evolutionary history, some oak species have changed from deciduous to evergreen or vice versa; also common is interspecific hybridization among the most closely related species. Hybrids abound in the wild making clear identification of native oak species a huge challenge. Oaks bear male and female flowers on the same tree; acorns normally have a single seed used for propagation. The oak tree is considered a symbol of endurance and strength; it is the national tree of the US and several European countries. Oak is a part of many US place names with some 120 localities named Oakland, Oak Grove or Oak Ridge, presumably because of local oak stands. The tree also figures in family names such as Oakes, spelled variously. Oak trees are valued sources of hardwoods in the US, used as flooring, with white oak and red oak being most popular. In addition, paneling, veneer, interior trim, boats and numerous items such as barrels, are made of oak. Oak wood contains tannins which impute flavor and color to spirits in the making of bourbon whiskey, aged in charred oak barrels or by placing oak charcoal into the spirits. Wine is also aged in charred oak barrels. Oak serves as high-quality firewood, giving a slow-burning hot fire and minimal ash. Acorns are an excellent food for hogs; forest fed animals are said to have better quality and healthier nut-flavored flesh. Treeworld has in stock four different sizes of the evergreen Live Oak (Quercus virginiana). It is an easy matter to obtain seed of other species for landscaping purposes because acorn production is plentiful and seeds breed true.

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Scientific NameCommon NameColorSizeFormLeaderHeightSpreadTrunk DiameterSalt ToleranceDrought Tolerance
Quercus virginiana 50 Gal Live Oak, Southern Live Oak
50 Gal STANDARD SINGLE 14' - 16' 6' 3' - 4' MODERATE HIGH
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