The Company

TreeWorld Wholesale owns and operates eight tree farms in the Redland District of South Florida (Homestead, Florida). "The Redlands" are known for having one of the longest and most-productive growing seasons in the United States.  Comprising over 100 total acres, TreeWorld propagates and supplies over 600 varieties of high-quality, containerized trees, shrubs and palms to the nursery and landscape industry in Florida and the Caribbean. These include tropical and subtropical, flowering, shade, evergreen, deciduous trees and shrubs.

At TreeWorld Wholesale, we maintain the highest industry standards, working year round to incorporate best practices that ensure a growing process which has a minimal impact on the environment. The end result is plants that are beautiful, sustainable, and highly adaptable to most types of soils. Our methods allow for minimal shock to the trees upon final planting. After which, they  are easy to maintain and are capable of withstanding most harsh weather conditions.

Because of their high-quality, low maintenance cost and ease of transport, our tress are the choice of many of the region’s best-known landscape companies; municipalities and state parks. 

Above all, our love of and passion for trees is evident to all who do business with us. Landscape architects from throughout Florida and the Caribbean consult with us when designing their projects. They know that our love and knowledge of trees helps them to create projects which exceed their client’s expectations.

Property Locations 

*You MUST report to the main office to pay for the trees BEFORE loading!

*248 Main Office24605 SW 192 AVE
238 After Stilt23855 SW 192 AVE
243 Stilt House 24300 SW 192 AVE
272 Big Stuff20050 SW 272 ST
207 Small Stuff25520 SW 207 AVE
187 Location27601 SW 187 AVE
264 Location21480 SW 264 ST
224 Location19100 SW 224 ST