Our Products

TreeWorld Wholesale specializes in medium to specimen-sized trees which grow proportionally from 6′ to 25′ in height in standard-sized containers ranging from 15 to 700 gallons.

We take immense pride in the consistently-high quality and broad variety of trees and shrubs that we supply to industry professionals, year round. Through ongoing research, we continue to offer the finest varieties of flowering, shade, evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and palms, including most major species of South Florida native varietals in cultivation.

In order to promote the healthiest plants possible, we custom mix our soil to provide exactly what each plant requires, including proper PH levels for fertility of root systems and good aeration. All trees are container grown to maintain optimum growing conditions and to minimize root stress during the planting process. Each of TreeWorld Wholesale’s eight farms incorporates state-of-the-art computerized drip irrigation and fertilization systems for precise PH and mineral nutrition delivery to our plants. In order to maximize the health, vitality, and natural beauty of our trees, all pruning is done according to Florida grades and standards.

Treeworld Wholesale maintains several certifications including the Certificate of Nursery Registration and upon request will provide phytosanitary certification on material purchased. Treeworld Wholesale is also certified by The Florida Department of Agriculture, in order to ensure that only healthy stock is produced and sold in domestic and international markets.